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Start A Cause You Are Passionate About?

It's That Simple!

How It Works

       Fund Hope's revolutionary crowdfunding analytical platform is great for people, groups, non-profits and businesses. We empower people and businesses to start a cause that impacts a life. We then run our analytical software and spread the word around to connect with like-minded people who want to support and partner with you on your journey.

It's Easy as 1, 2 and 3

1. Start a Campaign

Start a campaign cause that you have a passion for. Whether helping a family or friend in need, helping orphans, business, recent widows, taking care of the sick,  or raising money to help farmers.  

2. Share Your Campaign

Our built-in fundraising analytics software makes it so easy to share your campaign and gain support.

3. Fund Your Campaign

Money gets automatically sent to your bank account via WePay. You keep the funds you receive. 

People Helping People One Cause At A Time...

Have a cause? Start a campaign. Have a creative idea? Start a campaign. Business struggling? Start a campaign.

Why Fund Hope?

Easy To Use

It only takes a few minutes to start a campaign for free and raise funds for a given cause.

Trusted Platform

  Our platform is secure. We are relationship based to serve the need of  others. We vet all causes so you know they are legit.

Smart Campaigning

Our built-in crowdfunding analytical software helps make insightful, actionable decisions needed to run smarter campaigns

"A great platfrom to start a cause  you are passionate about"

"Fund Hope's platform allowed me to start a cause that I am passionate about and reach out to like-minded people who want to be part and support my cause. The result: Able to raise blankets and socks for the homeless in Portland Oregon ."

- Don Cruz (Fundraiser & Donor)

"Help me execute the right strategy for my business."

"Fund Hope made me see the real Return Of Investment(ROI) to a given project that I would not have been able to analyze on my own. Their business value analytics software helped me make the right decision."

- Rudolph Williams (Business Owner & College Lecturer)

"An interactive collaborative platform that I highly recommend if you want to raise funds for a cause"

"A platform that I wanted to join to start my cause. It was easy to use and I was able bring awareness for my cause to  a larger donor base who believe and support what we are doing".

- Frankline Auko (President Non-Profit )

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