Help our Veterans in dire straits

By Avraam Postnikov

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All funds will be collected automatically until October 3, 2015.

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My Story

20150612_120411My name is Avraam Postnikov, I was born and raised in Woodburn, Oregon. I am thirty five years old and served my country for 15 years. I served 4 years at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, 6 years in Germany and 5 years at Ft. Lewis Washington. I also did 3 tours in Iraq. I received many awards through my years including the Combat Action Badge.

Why the vets need your help?


The main reason for this cause is that I want to help our vets in there time of need. I know the process of getting out and waiting for your results is a difficult wait. While I was waiting in the Army for my results to get approved, the people in my unit gave me a hard time because I couldn’t do much and that made the wait a lot longer than it should have been. This wait can take from 6 months to 5 years before everything is all said and done.  While waiting for the results when I was in the Army to get approved and making sure all the paper work was right, I still had to had to wait another 8 months before I did get my pension.  Through my difficult times of waiting for the payment, I had to borrow money from my mom because I didn’t know any other funds that would approve immediate funds to approval without any difficulty.   My heart goes out to other vets who have sacrificed so much and then have to come home to deal with so much of bureaucractic red tape. I do not want other vets going through the same issues I did.

The reason why I needed to borrow money is that I had to pay my bills, house payment, rent, food on the table, and doctors bills. I am taking care of my mom and have took over all payments since I got out. I do understand that some veterans do not prepare for life after the Army or have family member that may take care of them like mine did, but I understand the concept of helping my fellow brothers and sisters while they get back on their feet.This cause is going bring back immediate help for those in need who still waiting to get settled out of the service or waiting on their pension to kick in which may take several years. You do receive back pay but the bills do not wait on that may put our people on streets immediately. Many companies don’t care if you have served or not, will not give you mercy for late payments and  they will charge you a lot of interest.

How  will the funds be used?


All Funds will be used to help the vets. The qualification process will first be that a vet served in any service including the coast guard. I am a patriot and believe that helping vets should be an honor. The other qualification is that as long as they served a day or 20 years, dishonorable or honorable, the fact that they tried but things didn’t work out this fund be  will used to help them in time of need. One main  criteria is that they will have to the proper paperwork provided such as the DD214 and ID. I will do my very best due diligence to make sure that the funds are used appropriately and will share updated on this platform about the the vet you have helped. I will post pictures and testimonials so you know where the money is going and the impact of your giving has made on vets. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my profile and pray fully ask to you partner with me on this journey. Blessings.

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