What Is Micro-Giving?

(Making A Difference Giving Is Made To Empower A Business In Need)

  • Focuses on Giving to a business in need  who would in good faith either give back to Fund Hope or "Give-Forward" to another struggling business

How Does It Work?

It's never been easier to discover, raise capital and increase the success of businesses

A contributor gives to a business that has been vetted by Fund Hope’s Business Evangelists. In conjunction, Fund Hope provides the business with Free Business services and software needed to help the company make insightful decisions that produce profitable outcomes, affecting the business positively in the short and long term.

Once a business meets a specific business outcome, the company either gives back in good faith to Fund Hope, who in turn re-invests into another business in need, OR the business “Gives Forward” to a struggling company listed on Fund Hope’s platform.

Make A Contribution

Contribute to a vetted business

On-Demand Services

Free On-Demand Services and Business Value Analytics Software valued over $100k

Helps A Business

Positively impacts the health of a business

How Can Fund Hope Help Your Business?

  • Platform to raise capital for your business
  • Get extensive business management expertise in order to transform your business.
  • Our AI Sales Assistant in real-time generates leads at your finger-tips.

1. Raise Capital

Our AI platform connects to people looking into invest in your project.

2. Business Services

Our business management evangelists together with our AI Growth system enables a company to make insightful actionable decisions.

3. Business Success

  Increase Revenue, lower Costs + track and measure the health of your company

  Our focus is on creating, measuring and delivering business value. We help a business  generate real business outcomes over time by revenue enhancement and cost optimization with the goal of increasing their overall value, margins, returns, and market position.

Get Connected to Fund Hope!

Get FREE access to our Fundraising Platform, Business Services and Business Value  Analytics software !

What are people saying about us?

"The power of Giving-Forward."

"What a great working model. A very good way to support communities and businesses in need, create jobs and vitalize our struggling economy. It's a model everyone can be part of."

- David Carey Sr. (Ex-Professor Wharton Business School)

"Helped me take the right strategy"

"Fund Hope made me see the real Return Of Investment(ROI) to a given project that I would not have been able to analyze on my own. Their business value analytics software helped me make the right decision.

- Rudy Williams (Business Owner)

"Win-Win for every business!"

" Great collaborative platform to help a person or a business in need."

- Don Cruz (Retired )

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Platform to raise capital for your business
  • Free Business Management Expertise

Value of our services:

> $100,000 

Supporting the Business Community: One  giver at a time

Would you like to support and be a part of a business community?  Today there are many struggling businesses that need help and guidance. Capital, although an important factor, is not what is mostly needed. Knowledge and business skills are important elements needed to increase business success. Do you possess certain skill sets or have a product or service that you are willing to provide to help a business in need? If so, we would love to hear from you. We want to work with like-minded people that believe in giving back to the community.

  Support a business you believe in!

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