Solving The Campaigners Problem today...

The project landscape does NOT efficiently answer the following questions:

For Non-Profits & Campaigners:

  • Who is looking to donate to my project?
  • What changes do I need to make in order to run a effective campaign?
  • What do I need to do to engage my donor base and audience?

And More....

For Businesses:

  • In real-time, who are my customers?
  • Who is looking to wanting to buy my products and services?
  • How do I increase market and mind share?

And More....

The problem lies with NOT having deep insightful information through the power of AI needed to drive better decision making.

  The Answer: Acumentica  

An AI Growth Intelligent System

Our Growth Intelligent system helps individuals, business & non-profits organizations make smart decisions and achieve their goals 

  • A revolutionary AI Social Business Impact System enables people to run efficient campaigns
  • 360 degree view of your customers/donors contributing to your project.
  • Go from asking questions to getting answers so you make the right decisions along the way.
  • Our built-in AI system provides a detailed analysis based on mathematical and statistical algorithms modeling that provides the user the prescription to their problems or questions.

That's the power of Acumentica!

Fund Hope Technology

Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Social Business Impact System

We offer an Intelligent Platform

In real-time identify and generate qualified donors at your finger-tips.

  • Campaigners: Run SMART campaigns yielding optimal results.
  • Businesses: Make insightful actionable decisions that positively affects the health of your organization ahead of time
  • Dashboard & Reporting:  Simple to use, flexible visual dashboards and reporting capabilities that enables campaigners and businesses to analyze and manage information to make better decisions in a matter of minutes.

Campaigners: You will get the following benefits:

AI Donor Assistant

 In real-time generate qualified donor leads at your finger-tips. 

AI WebGrowth Assistant

Increase your page rank without paid ads.. Increase your conversion rate.

Recommendation System 

Track and measure your campaign, get predictive insights and get prescription to your problems in order to run an optimal campaign

  Don Cruz (Individual )

"I get all the insights I need for my cause! "

"All the information I  need in one dashboard needed to make the right changes and run a smarter campaign."

Businesses: You will get the following benefits:

AI Sales Assistant

Increase Sales

Generate qualified leads at your finger tips in real-time.

AI WebGrowth Assistant

Increase Conversion Rate

In real-time, increase website health, lower customer acquisition costs and increase page rank without paid ads. 

Recommendation System

Get Answers

Gain deep insights. Make smart decisions ahead of time and increase the Return Of Investment (ROI)

How Does Our AI system Work?


Once you start a campaign, the AI system  automatically conducts an assessment of your campaign/s and provides you with visual dashboard analytics of your cause. This describes to you how your campaign is performing what you need to run it efficiently to reach your realistic campaign goals.

Business & Non-Profits

Once you start a business campaign, we partner with you and help you gain deep insights into your business or organization through the power of AI. You then are able to make profitable decisions ahead of time.

  Dave Carey Sr.(Ex-Professor: Wharton Business School)

"All companies need a solution like this! "

"It' s an great AI system that can be used by all types of business and organizations. I highly recommend it"

  Rudolph Williams: Business Owner & Adjunct Professor

"Fund Hope technology helped me take the right strategy for my business "

"Fund Hope made me see the real Return Of Investment(ROI) to a given project that I would not have been able to analyze on my own. The business value analytics application helped me make the right decision.."

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