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Why Us?

We believe every Business can impact people lives while at the same time increase their business success. Are you one of them?

How It Works

Our Solutions

Predictive Website Analytics

Build an optimized SEO custom website - marketing analytics, sales analytics and more.

Predictive Crowdfunding Analytics

Add complete crowdfunding experience to your existing website or commerce platform


Built-in donation experience that supports causes with every sale

Business Value Analytics

Make insightful actionable decisions ahead of time and health of your company.

A contributor gives to a business that has been vetted by Fund Hope’s Business Evangelists. In conjunction, Fund Hope provides the business with Free Business services and software needed to help the company make insightful decisions that produce profitable outcomes, affecting the business positively in the short and long term.

Once a business meets a specific business outcome, the company either gives back in good faith to Fund Hope, who in turn re-invests into another business in need, OR the business “Gives Forward” to a struggling company listed on Fund Hope’s platform.

Make A Contribution

Contribute to a vetted business

On-Demand Services

Free On-Demand Services and Business Value Analytics Software valued over $100k

Helps A Business

Positively impacts the health of a business

How Can Fund Hope Help Your Business?

  • Platform to raise capital for your business
  • Get extensive business management expertise and business analytics software needed in order to transform your business
  • Help make profitable decisions ahead of time that positively impacts the health of a organization

1. Raise Capital

Our online fundraising analytics platform is used effectively to raise fund using our predictive crowdfunding software solutions. 

2. Free Busines Services

Our business management evangilists together with our business value analytics software enables a company to make insightful actionable decisions that brings about positive business outcomes

3. Business Success

  Increase Revenue, lower Costs + track and measure the health of your company

  Our focus is on creating, measuring and delivering business value. We help a business  generate real business outcomes over time by revenue enhancement and cost optimization with the goal of increasing their overall value, margins, returns, and market position.

Get Connected to Fund Hope!

Get FREE access to our Fundraising Platform, Business Services and Business Value  Analytics software !

What are people saying about us?

"The power of Giving-Forward."

"What a great working model. A very good way to support communities and businesses in need, create jobs and vitalize our struggling economy. It's a model everyone can be part of."

- David Carey Sr. (Ex-Professor Wharton Business School)

"Helped me take the right strategy"

"Fund Hope made me see the real Return Of Investment(ROI) to a given project that I would not have been able to analyze on my own. Their business value analytics software helped me make the right decision.

- Rudy Williams (Business Owner)

"Win-Win for every business!"

" Great collaborative platform to help a person or a business in need."

- Don Cruz (Retired )

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Platform to raise capital for your business
  • Free Business Management Expertise
  • Free Business Value Analytics Software

Value of our services:

> $100,000 for Free

Supporting the Business Community: One  giver at a time

Would you like to support and be a part of a business community?  Today there are many struggling businesses that need help and guidance. Capital, although an important factor, is not what is mostly needed. Knowledge and business skills are important elements needed to increase business success. Do you possess certain skill sets or have a product or service that you are willing to provide to help a business in need? If so, we would love to hear from you. We want to work with like-minded people that believe in giving back to the community.

  Support a business you believe in!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why Fund Hope?

What does our Business Analytics Software do?

What are the requirements needed to qualify?

Our Services

Our Impact

Our People

How to Triple Your Conversion Rate

(by Using Beautiful Landing Pages)

List 3 Attention-Grabbing Things that Set Your Product Apart:

  • Describe the most important thing that your product does for your customers.
  • Mention a benefit that only you offer and that your visitor can't get from a competitor.
  • These points won't convince someone to buy right away, but you'll get your visitor's full attention.

Now that You've Got their Attention, it's Time to Talk About the Problem...

On this sales page, we're not beating around the bush. Right at the top, there's a product image and some points that set your product apart. However, even though this is a very product-focused page, keep in mind that people buy solutions, not products.

​With that in mind, use this text section to describe the problem your ideal customer has. Some frustration that might arise from using a competing product, for example.

The most important point here is that you can relate to the problem that your visitor is trying to solve.​

“Use a quote like this to add some visual variety to the text section - and to make an important point. The way the text is highlighted means it will get more attention than the regular paragraphs.”

How much time you want to spend on the pain points your visitor experiences depends on the product you're selling. For this template, we're going to transition from problems to solutions after just a short text section.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

First Benefit Title

Describe the 3 most important things your product offers, in this section. Don't be afraid to repeat some or all of the points from the first section.

Second Benefit Title

This section uses a combination of images (icons), subheadings and short text descriptions to communicate 3 benefits in a way that's easy to consume.

Thrid Benefit Title

When describing these 3 benefits, always keep a solution focus. Your visitors are interested in the end result they can get more than in features and technicalities.

"A testimonial like this can really boost sales..."

"Adding testimonials for social proof is usually a good way to increase conversions. This is still early on in the page, so we're just adding one short (but powerful) testimonial before moving on to some more sales material."

- John Doe (Software Architect)

This Text Section is an Element You Can Repeat Several Times on Your Sales Page

"Another example of a quote used to highlight some text."

Use this section to briefly describe a real example of how your product can lead to a specific result. Think of it as a mini case study, that adds an element of proof to the claims you make when talking about the features and benefits of your product.

The text section consists of a subheading, some paragraphs of text and occasional text highlights. You can repeat these same elements multiple times, whenever you need a few paragraphs to explain a specific feature or go into more details about some aspect of your offer.

What Our Product Does for You:

Use these Sections for Your Product's Features

"Large images add a tangible component to your product description."

Each one of these sections consists of a subheading, some text, a large image and a button. These sections turn dull features into eye-catching highlights and they're especially good for showing off screenshots from your product in action.

Stylish Zig-Zag Layout to Keep Visitors Engaged

We've listed these five points in a zig-zag layout, alternating the sides image and text are shown on. This is a good way to avoid visual monotony and keep the page interesting.

  • The same idea applies to your text elements - use paragraphs, highlights and bullet points to keep things interesting.
  • The two things to keep in mind are to get your important points across and to make your content easy to consume.

Background Images, Screenshots & More

The images used in this template are background images. The original size is 777x637px.

The layout works very well with screenshots. This could be screenshots of your member's area, your software app or even screenshots of pages in a downloadable PDF. Other kinds of images work as well, though.

Link to More Information or Demo Videos

We've added a "Read More" button to each of these sections. For software products, there's a great opportunity to link each of these buttons to a video that demos the feature you describe in the section.

For more complex product, you might also want to link to a page with a more in-depth explanation of each feature.

For less complex products, you can also simply remove the button.​

The Perfect Number of Sections?

In this template, we have 5 sections, but you can easily change that number by deleting or duplicating the sections.

There is no "right" or "perfect" number of sections to use. It's worth testing a longer page, where you list many features/benefits against a shorter one, where you only highlight the highest value features and keep the list short.

"Let's reinforce all those features with another testimonials section."

"Now that we've presented all the main features and benefits of the product, we're moving on to another testimonials section, to bolster our claims with some social proof."

- John Doe (Software Architect)

"Elements for the Perfect Testimonial"

"A great, eye-catching testimonial should include a heading (use the best part from the testimonial for this), the testimonial text itself, an image and the name of the testimonial author."

- Irene Jacobs (It Consultant)

"Here's a Template for a Testimonial With No Image..."

"You can use this testimonial example if you don't have an image of the testimonial author. Whenever possible, it's recommended that you get an image to show along with the testimonial, though. It goes a long way to adding more credibility."

- Steve Jacobs (Company CEO)

What You’ll Get...

The purpose of this section is to make the product you're offering as tangible as possible:

"Show Me Exactly What I'll Get & I'll Be More Likely to Buy It."

Use an image to visualize your product. Even if it's completely digital, the more you can relate your product to real world objects (books, electronic devices etc.) the more tangible it will seem.

Use this highlighted text section to describe your product and add a call to action: tell your visitor why they need to make the purchase right now.

Get Instant Access to Our Product!

Use this text and the above headline for a clear call to action along the lines of: click the button below to get instant access to [product name]!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

"More Testimonials!"

"Once again, we're moving to testimonials, to add proof and appease your visitor's worries about making a purchase. As you can see, testimonials are used generously on this page, so the more you can get, the better."

- John Doe (Software Architect)

"Proin gravida nibh vel velit auctor lorem quis bibendum..."

"This is Photoshop's version of Lorem Ipsum. Proin gravida nibh vel velit auctor aliquet. Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auctor, nisi elit consequat sagittis sem nibh id elit (Duis sed odio sit amet nibh vulputate)."

- Irene Jacobs (It Consultant)

"Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis nibh id elit."

"Sed non neque elit. Sed ut imperdiet nisi. Proin condimentum fermentum nunc. Etiam pharetra, erat sed fermentum feugiat.

Velit mauris egestas quam, ut aliquam massa nisl quis neque. Suspendisse in orci enim. Etiam pharetra, erat sed fermentum feugiat, velit mauris."

- Steve Jacobs (Company CEO)

Another Text Section: This One is for Addressing Objections or Adding Urgency

We've already called visitors to purchase once and we're getting closer to the end of the sales page. The best use of a text section at this point of the page is to either address your visitor's objections (any reasons why they might hesitate to buy) or add a sense of urgency.

​Describe why the decision to purchase should be made now, not later. What will your visitors miss out on, if they hesitate and leave the page? Anyone still reading is probably concerned about the cost of your product. Remind them that there is also a cost to not taking action and not making use of your excellent product.

You've already spent a lot of time selling visitors on the many benefits of your product, so at this point, you can start emphasizing the drawbacks for NOT using your product.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Another "What You Get" Section
  • This List Can be a Mix
  • Of Features/Benefits
  • And Parts of Your Product

All these now for just:

The above price comparison is an image. You can create a similar image of your own, or just use large text to show a price advantage that's available here.

Get Instant Acces to Our Product!

This section is a repetition of the "buy now" section from above. Feel free to use the exact same call to action again.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your website's conversion rate or revenues over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"In this quoted text, you can make a personal promise or personal guarantee, to give more weight to the guarantee statement above."

The World's 1st Most Powerful Crowdfunding Analytics Platform 

Our built-in Crowdfunding technology platform helps Individuals, Businesses and Non-Profits run efficient campaigns and raise money online to further their cause

Learn more about Fund Hope Technology

Why Us?

We believe every Business can impact people lives while at the same time increase their business success. Are you one of them?

Increase Business Success

Increase sales, increase brand-awareness, and track and measure conversion rate. Built-in crowdfunding analytic software helps make insightful actionable decisions ahead of time.

Business Experts

  We partner with you to help you reach your business goals.

Impact lives

Our built-in crowdfunding analytical software helps make insightful actionable decisions needed to run smarter campaigns. Learn More

How It Works

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Column 3

  Don Cruz: Fundraiser & Donor

I get all the insights I need for my cause"

"All the information I need to understand about my cause is in a dashboard so that I can run a smarter campaign. It is also easy to donate to causes."

  Dave Carey Sr.(Ex-Professor: Wharton Business School)

"All companies need a solution like this! "

"It' s a great MBA software that can be used by all types of businesses and organizations."