Fund Hope Inc.

By Ryan D'Souza

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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Fund Hope is an unique fundraising analytics platform that helps people serve others by raising funds to meet a need.

Our Story

There are many people today who are serving or have a desire to help towards a particular need or cause and are finding it difficult to move forward in their effort due to a lack of resources. These fundraising needs can cover a variety of life situations: from raising money for a family member or friend who may need help with medical expenses, helping the homeless or recent widows, providing school supplies for low income families, helping a struggling business to helping orphans in Portland, Oregon and different parts of the world. Usually, financial support is needed most but prayer and encouragement are also an invaluable part in any ministry or cause and this platform will give them an opportunity to receive financial help along with people partnering in prayer.

We would like you to see what God is doing through them and how you can be part of that. Many people don't only want to see what the big organizations are doing but rather the ordinary person.

Let's exhort and support them! This platform will be a place where fundraisers can share their stories and needs, find support, and encourage others. Fund Hope is a platform where you and others can donate to fundraisers with transparency in real time through videos, blogs, articles and analytics dashboards

Who We Are

We are not your ordinary Crowdfunding platform.

We are a unique fundraising analytics platform that helps ordinary people who do extraordinary things to glorify the Lord’s name. Our Christian crowdfunding platform is a simple way to share a need and find support in reaching out and impacting lives. We provide the donor the opportunity to partner with those who share their heart for a cause: through prayer and encouragement or the gift of giving. We desire to keep the focus on serving others and to partner with those who share our vision. We provide real-time financial transparency that enables everyone to see the impact of their giving.

Fund Hope is the only crowdfuding company to have built-in predictive crowdfunding analytics software that helps fundraisers make actionable insightful decisions and track and measure the health of their campaigns.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission

Fund Hope is a place where people can connect with others to give hope and a future by advancing causes that make a difference.

Our Vision

To build a Christian crowdfunding platform that connects people to a community of fundraisers serving others.

Our Vision

Why Fund Hope?

  • To serve others
  • Relationship based rather than transactional
  • Quality-driven not volume-driven
  • A interactive and collaborative platform between the donors and fundraisers
  • Total financial transparency with our fundraisers as well as with Fund Hope in real-time through our visual analytics dashboards
  • Fund Hope brings donors right into the fundraiser's world. You are able to partner with them and visualize the impact of your donations through videos, interactive story-telling, articles and blogs
  • Fund Hope will be the first in the market to have a predictive Crowdfunding analytics software built-into our website to help fundraisers make insightful actionable decisions

Why We Need Your Help

Currently, we have completed Phase 1 , Phase 2 and Phase 3  of the development of the platform: We launched our Crowdfunding platform on December 16th 2014.

Now we need your help to continue with the development. In this phase, we plan on enhancing and optimizing our website to make it more intuitive and user friendly. We will add a lot of cool features that will showcase the impact of your giving more visually.  We will need to pay a team of professionals to continue to design and develop the website.

Phase 4 Development – Website Enhancement| Design | Video & Photography | Crowdfunding Analytics Software | Website Maintenance & Support

There’s a lot that goes into developing a crowdfunding website, and we’re confident that with a lot of hard work, dedication, and your financial support we can make an impactful website.

With your help we will be able to continue and build;

  • Advertisement and marketing free from companies pushing their product and services on you to purchase. We want this to be a clean and clutter free site.
  • Develop a community driven platform; where you can connect with one another and be part of something that is bigger than us.
  • Helping people and seeing the impact of your giving through compelling written, interactive media and story telling.
  • With your support, we will be able to build a collaborative platform that is trusted, quality driven and has the financial transparency you always want to see.

We’re asking you to partner with us on this journey.

How Will We Use The Funds?

Fund Hope is collaborative, community driven, memorable, transparent, compelling and engaging. But in order to maintain the platform that is flexible, scalable and nimble, we will need to hire experienced professionals, including developers, designers, photographers  and other people  in specific multi-disciplinary professions. 

Your support will enable us to successfully enhance Fund Hope by December of 2015 and continue to support our stewards.

With your backing, we will have the resources we need to rapidly become a self-sustaining project while enabling us to expand beyond current facets providing more opportunities to help people.

We plan on raising $5000 every quarter which will distributed based on the % numbers below. Here’s a breakdown of how we’ll spend the total $25,000: 

  • WePay (which takes 2.9% + 39c per transaction): $1000
  • Editorial: $4,000
  • Design & Development: $10,000
  • Promotion: $5,000
  • Eminent Logic Crowdfunding Analytics Software: $5,000

Our Team

Ryan D'Souza

Strategy & Growth

Fioktista Postnikov

Advisory Council

Rudy Williams

Advisory Council

Royston Dmello

Creative Designer

Emilio Canas

Steward Development

Jimmy Robinson

Communications & Photography

Kathy Stevens

Web Developer

Don Cruz

Advisory Council

Risk & Challenges

After a long time of research, planning, designing and developing we are at a point that allows us to confidently give out our release date of June 17th, 2015 for our enhanced platform. As we all know, sometimes situations can cause delays that were never intended. If we perceive a delay that could potentially occur, we will communicate this immediately to our stewards and backers consistently on every step of progress we take to completion.

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  1. dsouzar

    I want to thank each and every one of you who have been praying for and donating to Fund Hope. It means a lot and I appreciate it. There’s a lot that goes into sustaining a platform like ours, and we’re hopeful that with hard work, dedication, and support we can continue to build a community driven platform that helps others and shows God’s heart. Blessings, Ryan

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