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Our DNA is that whatever we do, should ultimately impact lives in need.

Trust. Transparency. Encouragement. FREE. Keep 100% funds. Collaborative to achieve a common goal.

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  A secured vetted platform. We are relationship-based to serve the needs of others. 

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Our AI system runs smarter campaigns yielding optimal results.

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The World's Most Powerful Social Business Impact Platform 

Our Artificial Intelligence(AI) Social Business Impact System brings together businesses and people to solve a local or global community need.

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Start a campaign whether it be to sell something or fundraise for a cause. The opportunities are endless.

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Our AI Donor Assistant in real-time generates quality leads at your finger tips.

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Money gets automatically sent to your bank account via WePay. You keep the funds you receive.  

  Don Cruz Fundraiser & Donor

"I get all the insights I need for my cause"

"All the information I need to understand about my cause is in a dashboard so that I can run a smarter campaign. It is also easy to donate to causes."

  Dave Carey Sr.(Ex-Professor: Wharton Business School)

"All companies need a AI Sales Assistant like this! "

"It's efficient and effective if your goal is to connect to the right audience. The quality of leads yielded has a high conversion rate. Additionally, the system runs 24/7 generating leads at your finger-tips."

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