Provide medical aid for Mama Roseline Okong’o

By Frankline Auko

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Continue this cause to help Akinyi's family


Akinyi's leaves behind a  two and half year old daughter and 88 year old mother. After hearing her story, the remaining money contributed to Akinyi's will given to help her mother who is need of help. Her  daughter Susan is now living in a far way village with her aunt who is able to raise and provide for her. Praise the Lord.   Below is  information about her mother. Please lift her up in prayer. Thank you

Widow Roseline kong’o is akinyi’s mother,she is now 88 years old. She lost her husband 30 years ago in a battle field between the two communities who had wrangled and conflicted over cattle wrestling . She is a mother of six and a grandmother of ten children, Akinyi was the third born in her family. Mama Roselina is a God fearing grandmother and a very strong prayer warrior and Jesus Christ in the savior of her life.

She now lives alone in the small village called Kaber after losing Akinyi(may her soul rest in peace). She need your prayers and love for God’s protection. She has no one to depend on but Jesus Christ. Please kindly pray for divine comfort and good health upon her life. She has a difficulties in breathing-suffering from asthma and also have problems with her sight-she cannot see very well and clearly.

Her 60 year old House is on a bad condition, leaking roof and weak wall, please pray for God’s provision to help build her a new house, or renovation and re-enforcement. Our weekly visit to her place(home based program) gives her hope and happiness for tomorrow.

In His grip,

Frankline Auko.

Update on Akinyi - She's gone home to be with the Lord

Thanks you all so much for your financial support and prayers for Akinyi and her family.God Intervene last night at around 11 a.m. Akinyi is now feeling no pain and she suffers no more,rejoicing with the Lord God.May her soul R.I.P.

Give Hope to Akinyi

Update:  $500 is what is needed at this time. Will will be sharing you an update shortly. 

God led me to a woman by the name Akinyi in a small village called kabar , who hasn't yet been married because of her condition which resulted from epilepsy. The story of this woman is so touching but she has accepted her condition and opted to live with her parents at home for no man would like to marry her in her state. Marriage is an important aspect in rural women’s lives, but for Akinyi, she has given up being married.

The sad story of Akinyi starts from one fine evening when she was alone in the homestead cooking for a meal to eat since there was no one to help her in cooking. Unfortunately, her epileptic condition caught up with her in the middle and she fell on fire, she screamed so loud for help for rescue from neighbors and fortunately, some passersby heard her screams. She was however rescued but had her right eye burn so badly that she experienced a lot of pain. Her Dad, who is jobless, took her to a local hospital for treatment but she could not get better treatment and she was referred to a district hospital in Kisumu town. She was checked by a doctor and the only solution was surgery, so that the right eyes to be removed.

Her Dad could not afford 1800 dollars that was required for her operation, hope was gone and they had to come back home with some pain killers to relieve her from the pain that she was undergoing. According to her she still feels pain on her burnt eyes at night, and cannot have a comfortable sleep.

This is how Akinyi condition came to be, but thanks to God for keeping her life. Currently she is fully dependant on her jobless father and at particular days, they have to go without food. Akinyi need a great support in prayers for the provision of daily meals and clothing. Akinyi has herself lost hope in marriage since no man can accept her in her condition.

We are obliged at Restoring Hopes to care for Akinyi and give her hope and recognition in the society. We therefore need support to help less fortunate persons in the community just like Akinyi.  Help us give care for Akinyi and restore back her lost hope. We also pray so that God to provide her with finance requires for her eye surgery.

​Thank you for your support and prayers.

​In Christ,

Frankline Auko

How Will We Use The Funds?

All funds will be used to suport Akinyi. We will send you regular updates on her progress so you can see and  know the impact the of your giving. 

Here’s a breakdown of how we’ll spend the $2100:

  • Eyes Surgery/Operation: $1800
  • Medicine & basic needs: $300



    Thank you so very much for you love and support for Fund Hope Inc.Your contribution will be used to help Akinyi in the hospital.

    Blessings and love of God be with you,
    Yours ,
    Frankline Auko,
    Restoringhopes Ministry.


    Hi Dunya Postnikov,thank you so much for your contribution for Akinyi,The funds will be used wisely in helping Akinyi’s Hopital Bill for Eye Operation.

    Thanks once more,you will be in our prayers.Peace and love of God shower you.

    “Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can
    change someone else’s life forever.” ~ Margeret Cho

    In his Grip,
    Frankline Auko,
    President/Executive Director,
    Restoringhopes Ministries.


    Blessing of our Lord God,

    Thanks you all so much for your financial support and prayers for Akinyi and her family.God Intervene last night at around 11 a.m. Akinyi is now feeling no pain and she suffers no more,rejoicing with the Lord God.May her soul R.I.P.

    Thank you again for continuing to show love of God to Akinyi,thank you Dunya Postnikov, Fund Hope Inc,Fund Hope platform.Thank Brother Ryan,you have been of concern to Akinyi every now and then,may you be blessed.Thank you all the entire team of hope fund inc for you support and the making fund hope work.

    In His grip,
    Frankline Auko.

  4. dsouzar

    Hi Frankline, This is very sad news. We are lifting Akinyi’s family up in prayer. Please let us know about her 2 and half year old daughter who resides with and her 80 year old grandmother. If there is anything we can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for sharing this with us. We appreciate it.


    Hi Fioktista,thank you so much in helping us give hope to mama Roselina,Your donation will be wisely used to bring joy and a smile to Roselina.

    In His grip,
    Frankline Auko

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