Helping Widows & Orphans in Kenya

By Frankline Auko

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Outreach Program To Help Widows and Orphans

At Restoring Hopes ministry, we are obliged to give hope and care for the hopeless ,traumatized , less privileged and needy orphans and widows,it is our aim to give hope…we have to care ,for if we don’t people perish. We accomplish this mission through home based care program where we pay visits and give basic needs to orphans and old aged widows around Miwani area. These orphans stay with there related relatives from where we take care of them. We feel giving them hope from there relatives is also good for there social well being (feeling the love of the family member),they do not feel isolated from there family members, but our long term project is to have an orphanage where they  can come together and live as a family under one roof. Kindly help us in praying for God’s provision.

Why We Need Your Help

Many of these orphans do not have good clothes to put on there body,they have instead turn out clothes,some lack shoes. Worse of all they can have one meal a day, which normally is porridge.They use turn out mate for there beddings.All those suffering brings sad and hopeless in there lives.  Also Outreach mission has been an area of focus, and from being involved in the many of such missions, I have encountered touching stories and real experience on how less fortunate orphans and widows do struggle to make ends meet.

How Will We Use The Funds?

All funds will go to to Widows and Orphans outreach program. I will send you updates on the progress being made and the impact your donations are having on the people in need.  Please pray for these people and look forward to partner with you on this journey in His Name.


Frankline Auko

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