Jack needs your love and help

By Frankline Auko

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Jack's Story

This is  a needy orphan called Jack. His mother died 5 years down the line due to HIV/AIDs. He now lives with his grand mother. Jack was born with a disability. Hi joints are weak and can not stand by his own. Also you can see there is a problem with his eye sight,he can not see properly. He therefore has to get support from someone to make him sit and sleep. He does not get basic needs due to the condition of his aging grandmother which is worsening day by day. We have been of help to bring hope to Jack but we still need more help and sponsorship for jack’s basic needs and to go for a special school for people with disability.Kindly help us give back hope to Jack and more orphans with similar problem. This will put a smile on his face and the face of his aging grand mother.

How Will We Use The Funds?

All funds will directly go to help Jack.

Here’s a breakdown of how we’ll spend  $750:

  • Medical Help, food and clothes - $450
  • School for children with disabilities: $350

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    Thank you so much FUND HOPE INC for your contribution to show love for baby Jack,your contribution will mean a lot for jack’s life forever.

    Yours ,

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